Memorial Donors
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We say a sorrowful goodbye to a very beloved Una. She was a stalwart friend to Bulldogs and an excellent driver. As a rescue, Una chose her family rather than waiting for them to choose her, and she was lovingly named her after one of her Dad's favorite old time movie actresses, Una Merkel. Please say hello to all of our Friends, old and new, at The Bridge Una. And you can be certain they'll be a line of Bulldogs waiting for you to drive them for a Puppachino from the magic window. Rest Sweetly.

~ Midge & Neal Culver


Please help us say a final goodbye to a wonderful beloved rescued Bulldog and a strong rescue supporter, Emmitt. Emmitt Orive crossed The Bridge at 11 years of age, he will be missed by so many family and friends. Run Free at The Bridge Emmitt, Run Free! And save a game of Bullie tag for those that have gone on ahead.

" This morning I said goodbye to my best friend, constant companion, co-pilot, and quite possibly, the great love of my life."

~ Lourdes Orive


This donation is made to our dearly missed Stella Scott. This morning I had to say goodbye to the best little girl in the world. Stella came down quickly with a nasal tumor obstructing her breathing. She is now at peace. My heart is broken. Goodbye Stelli Belli, I will miss you every day. Each day will get a little easier. I'm so happy I got to have that little girl in my life. She brought me happiness every single day.

~ Traci Scott



Im memory of Winston. More coming soon.


~ John & Glenys Winder



Buttercup was my baby. I picked her out when she was only 2 weeks old. She was with me for almost 9 years, when she passed away this past July. She was the perfect doggy, and one that I miss terribly. I miss my little girl every day but know that she would want us to support other Bullies.

~ Kevin Flick



My beloved Barkley passed away from old age back in September. He was such an amazing guy, and I only wish I had had more time with him.

~ Layla Woelfe-Deene



I was blessed to have Hootie for 8 years, at which time he passed from complications due to a heart tumor at the age of 11. He had been under the care of a cardiologist for the past year and we are grateful for the wonderful care he received from the several vets that were involved in his health care. Hootie was my boy, went everywhere with, and his passing leaves a huge hole in my heart. He was kind of bossy, liked to be the king of his castle, and that was fine with us. He lived a good life and was content to be by my side, probably sleeping and snoring! Hootie man, thanks for the great years, you are much loved. - Mom

~ Karen Spurlin


This is my favorite picture of both of my dogs. Baby, my Rottweiler, died about 6 months after this photo was taken. She raised Cleo, my Poodle, as her own puppy. She was always cool, calm and collected. She had a big toothy smile for everyone. She was really "one in a million". I am donating in memory of my "Baby".

~ Diane & Bob Wolf