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Bulldog Haven NW is a rescue and adoption organization that provides a safe place for English and French Bulldogs, mental & physical rehabilitation, rehoming, breed specific shelter assistance and more.

Bulldog Haven NW was founded by a group of experienced Bulldog and Frenchie rescue people and owners from the Pacific Northwest region. All of our members are unpaid volunteers who love animals so much they give their time to help the dogs and the cause. Whether a Bulldog finds itself at a shelter where they feel it has needs before placement, is found by someone in the community, goes missing from their home, a puppy mill is shut down, or an owner finds themselves facing the need to find their Bulldog help outside of what they are able to give.. this is where we can help.

Our team also consists of caring shelter staff who alert us of dogs who need our resources and care, Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics who care for our dogs as if they were their only clients, Businesses who donate supplies and food for your foster dogs, and the public who donate to our program.






For Brooklyn

Thank you!


Watch her progress on our Facebook page and see more photos in her album.

10.15.2013 UPDATE

Brooklyn is still with BHNW and still recovering.


Brooklyn is just 1.5 years old and came to us 06.22.2013 with an extremely severe case of demodex mange. From ears to toes she has been overtaken by this painful mite infestation. Although not contagious to other dogs it preys on the host dog's weakened immune system and left untreated or not tackled in the early stages eventually consumes the entire body and the skin becomes callused, heavy, wrinkly, cracked, itchy and very hot to the touch. This is where Brooklyn is at. It will be a very long road for her, but we have had cases like this before. A high quality diet and aggressive treatments are key. She is currently starting her journey with a grain-free diet, twice daily bath scrubs and a number of medications. Please consider donating to Brooklyn's care and sharing her story with your friends.

Many Bulldogs & Frenchies come into Foster care simply because their owners are at the end of their resources, the end of their intuition as to what could possible be wrong and their desire for that Family pet to have a better life than they are able to provide.

You can help Brooklyn by sharing her story and her need. You can contribute to Brooklyn's medical fund through the paypal link above or by mail, please note it is for Brooklyn.

Thank you for your continued support!

Follow Brooklyn's progress on our facebook page.

*If donations for Brooklyn exceed her cost of care in the end, your donation will be used to help other dogs like her.





When adopting any dog who may have a difficult past, you need to let go of your pity and guilt before bringing the dog home. Instead, make the dog feel secure by providing the calm and balanced energy of a pack leader. This way, the dog can relax, knowing that you have things under control. - Cesar Millan